Acoustic Wall Ties

Type AWT

Acoustic brickwork and internal partition wall ties are designed to provide structural stability whilst attenuating noise and vibration between cavity walls.



  • • First grade natural rubber to metal bonded rectangular elements inclined to achieve maximum load and deflection using a combination of compression and shear loading.
  • BZP mild steel “Z” and “L” brackets for internal partition walls.
  • Natural rubber acoustic element ensures no metallic contact between external and inner brickwork and internal partitions.
  • Load tested to 0.75 kN in tension
  • compression and shear.
  • Masonry ties designed to BS EN 845 with drip feature and safety ends.
  • Variable tie lengths and fixing options available to suit cavity widths 50 mm to 250 mm.

Typical Applications

  • Multiplex cinemas.
  • Sound and recording studios.
  • Hearing test rooms.
  • Nightclubs.