Steel Spring Unit Isolator


Working under extremely exacting conditions throughout the world, these adjustable steel spring unit isolators have proved outstandingly successful in the control of vibration, structure borne noise and shock.

They are made in a large number of sizes so that precise load and frequency requirements can be met and are suitable for the isolation of a very wide range of machinery.

Types ODL and ODS isolators are similar in design and construction, but their load capacities and isolating characteristics vary.

The helical steel springs are contained within the SG Iron top and bottom castings of the isolators.



  • Vertical and horizontal machine movement due to dynamic forces can be controlled by turning the adjusting screws on the tops of the isolators.
  • A very robust construction and conservative spring stresses assure that the life of the isolators is at least equal to that of the isolated machine.
  • Helical steel spring to BS 1726 Class B.
  • SG iron castings to BS EN 1563 EN-GJS-400/15.
  • A ribbed rubber seating pad is available obviating the need for costly HD bolts for many industrial applications.
  • ODL and ODS isolators are not detrimentally affected by oil or water and extreme temperatures do not cause any appreciable change in their excellent characteristics.

Typical Applications

  • Centrifuges.
  • Chillers.
  • Engine Test Beds.
  • Generating Sets.
  • Pumps and Compressors.