Viscous Dampers

Type MD3

Our standard range of Silicon Fluid Dampers, Type MD3 are designed primarily to be used in conjunction with our Open Spring Mountings, Type OS.

On occasions they can be used with our Type ES & ECS Enclosed Spring Mountings.

Many applications will operate satisfactory with an un-damped helical steel spring, but where system resonances may be excited to unacceptable amplitudes due to the varying speeds of the machine or transient conditions, damping must be incorporated.

The type MD/3 provides good control of motion at resonance whilst the forces generated at higher frequencies are small resulting in little increase in the perceived noise transmission.



  • Dampers are designed specifically for each application to provide between six and twelve percent damping.
  • Silicone fluid properties remain stable over a wide temperature range.
  • Fluid is chemically inert permitting a long life with no requirements to drain fluids and refill.
  • Damping forces provided in all directions.
  • Clearance within the damper permits motion of the machine without metal to metal contact.

Typical Applications

  • Diesel Generating Sets when used in conjunction with large deflection Open Spring Mountings type OS.
  • Centrifuges.
  • Industrial Washing Machines.
  • Test Rigs.
  • Compressors.