Small Rubber Mounting

Type SRM

SRM mountings are designed for light duty applications which still require a high degree of vibration and noise attenuation at medium to low frequencies.

High resilience rubber with low dynamic to static stiffness ratio ensures maximum efficiency, good creep performance and long service life.

These mountings have a very low profile suitable for restricted height applications.

Also suitable for Shock isolation. For example to protect instruments, measuring apparatus, scales and other sensitive equipment.


  • Moulded in first grade natural rubber.
  • Available in two rubber compounds 40° and 60°.
  • Static deflections up to 2.5 mm with load capacities from 1 kg to 7 kg.

Typical Applications

  • Light Duty Fans.
  • Electric Motors.
  • Instrument Panels.
  • Measuring Apparatus.
  • Scales.
  • Sensitive Equipment.
  • Other Light Industrial Applications.