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Bobbins Type Circular Rubber Mountings


Circular rubber Mountings have been designed to protect instruments and sensitive equipment from the effects of shock and vibration and to reduce the transmission of vibration from small fans, compressors and similar light machinery.


  • All parts are manufactured using high quality natural rubber and are available in two compounds with nominal shore hardness of 45 and 60.
  • Standard sizes from 10 mm diameter by 8 mm thick to 100 mm diameter by 55 mm thick.
  • Special variants available.
  • Parts are manufactured with steel metals
  • zinc plated on exposed surfaces.

There are no typical applications listed for this product.

  • Do not use in Tension - Suitable brackets must be designed for wall and ceiling mounting to ensure compression and shear loading only.
  • Exposure to contamination by mineral oils will severely reduce working life.
  • Bolts are fully threaded to within two pitches of metal plates.
  • Nuts and washers are not supplied unless specially requested.
  • Isolator stiffness is linear up to maximum load.
  • Suffix part number with .45 or .60 to indicate rubber hardness.
  • Please Note! Not all parts are available ex-stock and minimum order quantities may apply.
Heron Tower, London.

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Isolated Equipment 3 No. FG Wilson P2250X Generating Sets in plant rooms at Levels 42 & 43. Mass = 15116kg per Generating set.

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Data Centre, UK

Case Study

Application : Three Generator Sets for Data Centre emergency power Location : 1st Level Plant Room (200 mm thick supporting structure) Installation : MTU 20V4000 Generator Set

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